Our fleet for your dedicated express shipping

Our vehicles are suitable for small or large shipments, in fact, we can handle dedicated domestic and international express transportation of any kind.

Our fleet is based almost mainly of the help of the latest generation of Euro 6 vehicles with total laden mass up to 35 tons from 1 to 8 europlts.
Vans, boxed/boxed, tarped including with lift/lower,boxed and tarped equipped with hydraulic tailgates and transpallets.

Upon request, all can be equipped with ramps for transporting cycles and motorcycles, special load-stopping straps, blankets and for transporting hanging garments, temperature-controlled thermo transport and ADR transport.

We also have the ability to make use of higher-mass vehicles of various setups, cubes, and capacities, such as: tractor-trailers, semi-trailers, and tractor-trailers with trailers.

Our fleet


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