Not just shipping: logistics, groupage and customs services

In addition to dedicated shipping, Paeurope can also provide customers with other integrated logistics and consulting services to support the management and shipment of goods.

We also provide other services for our clients upon request, avoiding burdensome and uneconomical investments and providing our specific expertise. Our main services are:

  • Logistics and storage
  • Customs
  • Groupage
  • Shipping by domestic or international couriers
  • LTL (Partial Load) - FTL (Full Load)

Our main services

Logistics and storage

Paeurope offers its customers a warehousing and logistics service at various partners in addition to its own office in Legnano. The warehouse is equipped with the necessary equipment for loading, unloading, handling and storage of palletized, bulk and hanging garments, ensuring the standard safety and reliability of Paeurope service.

Paeurope can take care of all the paperwork for customs clearance of goods to non-EU territories, such as Switzerland or England.

Groupage is the ability to group goods from different customers into a single shipment. This is a type of shipping that may be attractive to some customers who have no special needs regarding urgency and can thus save on shipping due to economy of scale: sharing the cost of shipping among multiple customers. Paeurope's quality and attention is also not lacking in groupage shipments: the groupage service is still guaranteed door to door, thanks to our network of trusted partners and throughout the country and Europe.

Shipping by domestic or international couriers

Paeurope in its 30 years of operation has been able to create partnership ties with major national and international couriers thus being able to carry out worldwide shipping services at favorable rates. The customer can rely on a single point of contact with a wide network of international services then take advantage of the economies of scale offered and at the same time take advantage of the shipment management offered by Paeurope, so that the process is completely delegated and the customer does not have to manage service delivery.

FTL (Full Truck) and LTL (Less Truck) Transportation.

Paeurope handles your shipments in the best way with respect to your needs. That is why it gives its customers the opportunity to take advantage of both FTL shipments, i.e., full-load, in case there is a quantity of material that warrants it, and to take advantage of LTL shipments, i.e., partial-load, so as to optimize costs in case of non-urgent shipments.

Dedicated multi-socket distribution and daily delivery

Paeurope provides its customers with the option of reserving their own vehicle for one or more entire days so that it is at the complete and sole disposal of the customer. In this way, several deliveries and multipacks can be arranged throughout the day should the need arise.


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