ADR dangerous goods shipments

Paeurope handles hazardous shipments for flammable goods, gases, corrosives, etc. The service is carried out in full compliance with national and European regulations.

Dangerous goods shipment service under ADR (Accord Dangereuses Route) via truck is carried out by Paeurope for all risk classes.

ADR transport is regulated by detailed and specific regulations both on the basis of the material transported and with reference to the means of transport used.

We are therefore able to offer specific transports for the different ADR hazard classes in Italy and Europe.

ADR dangerous goods shipments: where how and when

We offer ADR dangerous goods shipping service throughout the country and Europe and also to England. The service can be requested at any time by filling out the form below or calling us, and we can arrange transportation according to your urgency and needs, with delivery throughout Europe even within 24 hours.

Shipping is guaranteed door to door (we deliver directly to the recipient) with dedicated express shipping.

ADR dangerous goods transport: insurance and warranty

The Paeurope fleet is equipped with 24-hour satellite GPS, and TAPA-certified anti-theft protection systems according to the highest Vanini scale, we are also insured with leading companies specializing in the transportation sector.

All-Risk coverage available upon request.

ADR dangerous goods transport: safety first!

Experienced and qualified staff, carefully equipped vehicles, constant monitoring and real-time communication.


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